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What is Open from Dawn to Dusk Every Day of the Year?

By Bobbi Longworth, Executive Director, Fairfax County Park Foundation

Holmes Run. Taken by Lisa Shrenk.

Fairfax County’s 420 Fairfax County parks, nine fishing lakes, and 330 miles of trails are open every day! In addition to their natural beauty and availability throughout the county, parks are open to everyone.  

Since 1950 when the Park Authority was established, older adults have been enjoying neighborhood parks, visiting nature centers, fishing, bicycling, camping, exploring historic sites, painting beautiful landscapes, and enjoying summer concerts as part of a fulfilling life. Today, most park facilities can accommodate wheelchairs and mobility devices. You can enjoy Fairfax County Parks by yourself, with a friend or family. Without much effort, you will find something to do regardless of your age, abilities, season of the year, or weather conditions. Frequently, a park visit will spark wonderful memories from an earlier time of life. 

Parks, trails and outdoor spaces play a meaningful role in the quality of life we enjoy in living, working and, most importantly, playing in Fairfax County. But they are only a piece, albeit a big piece, of the county’s complete par system of programs, facilities and services!

Over the years, perhaps you’ve spent time in our park system walking the trails. You may have enjoyed a membership at our Rec Centers, attended a fitness or aquatics class, or enrolled your child in a swim team or camp program. You could even have enjoyed the Park Authority’s golf complexes. If so, you understand the value of caring for our facilities and expanding and refreshing the amenities and experiences we provide to our community. To do that, we ask your support.

In 2001, the Fairfax County Park Authority established the Park Foundation as a nonprofit organization to accept donations from businesses, organizations, and individuals to fund parks and programs when tax revenues are not available. 

Many individual residents in our community have made meaningful contributions to help the county parks that extend beyond their lifetime. They did this by including the Fairfax County Park Foundation as a beneficiary in their will or other planned gift. If this is something you are interested in, be sure to consult with your attorney or financial advisor to determine benefits and decisions that affect your estate. While every donor has a different set of circumstances, most park visitors enjoy the plants, animals, trails, and fresh air offered in the 24,000 acres of Fairfax County Parks.

For more information about how you can make a donation to support Fairfax County parks, visit or contact Roberta A. “Bobbi” Longworth, Executive Director, Fairfax County Park Foundation, at 703-324-8581.

The Fairfax County Park Foundation supports the Park Authority by raising private funds, obtaining grants and creating partnerships that supplement tax dollars to meet community needs for park land, facilities and services.