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Suzi Cicada: Chapter 10

Suzi nosedived, and then soared up, and then veered left, and then crashed into a bush. She glanced around and felt glad she had not bragged about her flying skills. She felt awkward.

From deep inside the bush, she watched the woodland. Dozens of cicadas like her tumbled through the air.  She was about to call out to the others to wait for her to join them when she heard another new sound.

Grating. Loud. Threatening. Cawing.  Suzi froze. Three crows descended on the cicadas that were on the tree trunks. She watched in horror as one after another of the insects were gobbled. In a minute, the crows flew on. For a moment, the forest was quiet.

“Wow. I think I am staying here from now on.” The muttering came from another new, deep voice. Suzi turned to see a pair of red eyes quivering in the shadow of the leaves. He spoke again, this time more confidently. “I am Magicicada of the famous Brood X family. Nice to meet you.”

Join us on Monday for Chapter 11 of Suzi Cicada.

Author Suzanne Holland is the Visitor Center Manger at Hidden Oaks Nature Center, which is home to lots and lots of cicadas!