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Park Authority Long Range Plan Highlights Importance of Parks to Environment

BlueHeron500Did you know?

Parks and open space networks conserve natural resources and wildlife habitat, protect air and water quality, and preserve open space for current and future generations. Protected green spaces are essential to preserve scenic vistas, maintain healthy ecosystems, and provide carbon‐reducing sustainable landscapes. Through stewardship programs, parks can engage the public in conservation efforts and increase awareness of environmental sustainability needs.

This is among the many reasons that great parks lead to great communities. It is also among the trends and research the Fairfax County Park Authority is considering as we create our inaugural Parks and Recreation System Master Plan.

BoardwalkFamily500This comprehensive park system master planning effort builds on the findings from the Parks Count! Needs Assessment that was completed in spring 2016. With a decade-long horizon, the Great Parks, Great Communities Parks and Recreation System Master Plan will guide the agency to meet growing and changing community needs.

Looking to the future, the Fairfax County Park Authority wants to do more to improve and promote natural resource protection and management. Check out the Great Parks, Great Communities Parks and Recreation System Master Plan website and draft master plan and supporting appendix to learn more and tell us what you think!

The draft master plan is available now through September 15, 2017 for public review and comment. Submit your comments via , on the project website, or at one of the open house sessions slated for September. More details on dates, times and locations to come.

For more information about this initiative contact Samantha Hudson, senior planner at or 703-324-8726.