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Arthur the Peacock’s Excellent Adventure

Frying Pan Farm Park has excellent neighbors. They’ve been so gracious about noise from the farm, traffic from our big events, and the occasional fugitive.

Not too long ago, our peacock Arthur became an escapee. While one of our farm hands was feeding the birds, wind blew open the door of their pen, and Arthur saw his chance. Out the door, away from the pen, and off on a running spree.

Ever try to catch a peacock? Visualize that.

Soon, several staff and an animal control officer were in pursuit. Farmer Paul texted and emailed neighbors, asking them to let us know if they spotted Arthur. One of our neighbors tapped out a Facebook post asking friends and neighbors to be on the lookout for a runaway peacock – a post that probably raised a few feathers and questions among the neighbors.

An hour went by. Another passed. And another. Six of them in all after Arthur’s door dash before a neighbor notified us that he saw the bird near his house.

Arthur sprinted at roadrunner speeds around a house and then headed back through the woods. A second set of neighbors notified us that they spotted him.

Arthur hid out under a deck.

Are you still visualizing this?

Farm staff headed for the scene, accompanied by off-duty school kids. The peacock leaped toward a tomato garden surrounded by netting, and that slowed him enough for Farmer Paul to nab him. Farmer Paul’s pretty quick, too.

We thank all our neighbors who helped us get our peacock back safe and sound. Arthur is now back on the farm with his two female companions, Guinevere and Merlin. Drop by to see him. Maybe he’ll tell you a little about life off the farm.

Author Lois Kirkpatrick is the Marketing and Development Coordinator at Frying Pan Farm Park.