Frying Pan Says Good-Bye To Popular Horse

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The Friends of Frying Pan Farm Park and the Fairfax County Park Authority are saddened by the passing of Michael, one of the park’s Percheron draft horses. Michael was 34 years old and died on September 12, 2013. Michael was born in Tennessee and moved to Virginia in the 1990s. Michael and his teammate Jesse came to Frying Pan Farm Park in 1999. Since their arrival, they provided wagon rides and farm demonstrations. Michael was an integral part of our educational programs and both were popular additions at special events. Michael and Jesse were often the first and last stop for many of our regular visitors, and some of the few farm animals that were known by name.

Michael was considered by the staff members as a very powerful, athletic, attractive horse with high-quality confirmation. He was extremely well-trained and could perform a variety of farm and park tasks whenever asked. He will be greatly missed.

The staff, the people who take care of the animals on a daily basis, our volunteers, and park management share the public’s concern over Jesse’s well-being during this period of adjustment. The staff will be working with the park’s Friends group, veterinarians and equestrian experts to assist Jesse in this transition as needed.

8 thoughts on “Frying Pan Says Good-Bye To Popular Horse

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  2. Mable

    I am so sorry to hear/read of Michael passing. May he RIP with the rainbow horses in the sky. I do hope Jesse get a friend again real soon. I

  3. Mike M.

    “Let me find you a filly for your proud stallion seed
    To keep the old line going.
    And we’ll stand you abreast at the back of the wood
    Behind the young trees growing.
    To hide you from eyes that mock at your girth,
    And your eighteen hands at the shoulder.
    One day when the oil barons have all dripped dry
    And the nights are seen to draw colder
    They’ll beg for your strength, your gentle power
    Your noble grace and your bearing.
    And you’ll strain once again to the sound of the gulls
    In the wake of the deep plough, sharing.”

    – from ‘Heavy Horses’ by Jethro Tull

  4. Paul Z. Balcer

    My daughter Iza has visited Frying Pan Park since she was a baby; now at 14 she takes care of rescue horses in Colorado. Michael was her favorite “horsie.” He was a gentle soul and taught Iza her love for horses. May he gallop freely in heavens. We will miss him!


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